digimon masters online money making guide
Thursday, 17 April 2014

digimon masters online money making guide

welcome all tamers  to my guide : digimon masters online money making guide, here i will share how to get lot of money/bits in digimon masters Online.there are many people in my guild ask me how to get lot of money in digimon masters online .

in this topic our main focus is how to get money,so first thing we must know is hunting/farming place. the best farm place is monster that drops beast/dragon data. you can sell beast data 1,3m-1,5m and dragon data 2-2,5m . so you can check your map and find dragon/beast tipe digimon and start get lot of bits.

second way to get money/bits in digimon masters online is colect cracked egg for return. if you have lv 46++ digi you can kill darkwormon, darskullgreymon, darskullmeramon, drakveemon in darktower cuz you only kill the in rookie mode so you can saving lot of disk/vitamin and they have expensive cracked egg for return ^^.

digimon masters online money making guide

still in DT area, if you hate rookie mode you can use you mega digimon to kill puppetmon, why puppetmon? the answer is puppetmon drop mutant digiegg and if you scan super mutant digi egg you can get lv 5 AP/DF all family chipset, and you can seel AP chipset for 200-300m or DF chipset for 80-150m.or if you have high lv digimon and have +9 or 12 digiclone you can go to digimon maze b1/b2 and you can kill any leader digimon they drop epic WG/VB/ME/DR/NSo and more egg, if you lucky you can get double stats chipset [AP] [DF], many people want to buy this chipset for 1,5T-2T

okay the last way to get lots of money in digimon masters online is killing monster card. monster card lv 2 best way to get money if you have low lv digimon, lv 2 monster card leomon&garurumon always drop beast egg and they drop mercenary egg. oh wait.. they drop fried potato so you can sell them all.

if you have high lv digimon you can kill lv 5 monster card, they drop chicken combo you can sell it for 2,5m-3m, and they drop 3 digicore  at once so you can buy digiclone/evoluter/miracle fruit on kamemon shop.

you can also can kill lv 6 monster card, they drop chicken combo too sometimes lv 1-6 monster card drop mysterious top quality egg you can sell it 50m-60m / mysterious magic egg 130-150m.  boss monster card lv 6 drop mysterious rare egg you can sell it 150-200m or you can scan it you will get epic boss card you can sell it for 200-350m.

so this is end of my : digimon masters online bits farming guide

sorry for bad english XD

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